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Divorce Coaching/Strategist

Effective Communication

Documentation and Presentation

Mastering your Mindset

Responding to your Children


How Can Coaching Benefit You?


Divorce coaching offers a flexible, goal-driven approach customized to assist, inspire, and guide individuals navigating divorce, to make optimal and informed decisions for their future, aligned with their unique interests, needs, and concerns.

As a relatively new profession in the realm of divorce, Divorce Coaches have quickly proven indispensable to lawyers, mediators, and clients alike. They serve as a vital part of your support team, offering a range of essential functions to empower you on your path forward.

With the guidance of a Divorce Coach, you'll feel empowered, organized, and equipped to face and overcome the challenges and adversity of divorce with confidence and clarity.


Mastering your Mindset: Every divorce case is unique and requires an individualized approach. I can help you manage your emotions while developing a strategic mindset to reach your goals. My aim for you is to move forward with your life in a positive and healthy way, even in the face of significant challenges.


Documentation and Presentation: Navigating a high-conflict divorce requires a well-thought-out strategy and relevant documentation - if required. This includes prepping for mediation, assessments or evaluations. All ideas must be legally screened and authorized by your legal counsel. 


Effective Communication and Coparenting: It's like learning a whole new language just to be able to talk to your co-parent or family court professional. You will learn how to consciously communicate so that your voice is heard and your interests are protected. My goal is to help you avoid making any mistakes that can have a long term impact while building a healthy co-parenting relationship. 


Responding to your Children: As a mother and a graduate of the Protective Parenting Program, I understand the importance of protecting children during this phase. You will learn how to respond to your children to ensure that they not only survive this phase, but thrive despite it.


Prepared Confidence: As part of coaching, we help you prepare for lawyer meetings, mediation sessions, Section 30 Assessments, Motions, Case Conferences, Evaluations or Trial, saving you time and resources. 


Organized Guidance: Streamline paperwork and financial tasks, gaining control and confidence in your journey.

Emotional Strength: Identify triggers and develop resilience, preserving integrity and dignity throughout.

Expert Navigation: Access top legal and mediation professionals tailored to your needs and budget.

Informed Decision-Making: Gain insights to navigate decisions confidently, ensuring a brighter future ahead.

Your unique coaching program will be tailored based on your specific case and includes secure messaging support so you receive your answers in realtime.​


Schedule your free introductory session to learn more about how coaching can help you achieve your goals.​​

What Our Clients Say

"I was filled with anxiety when I found myself in the situation of a high conflict divorce. I felt like the air that I breathed was taken away from me in moments and I was out far helpless in the lonely ocean. Zay helped me capture my breath again. She is strong, reassuring, gentle and very encouraging. Her real and clear approach brought me back to life and to the realization that my life would go on and that everything was just like a wave. Her practical suggestions and ongoing support is worth more to me than she will ever know. A true rock in the most vulnerable times. A continued thank you to Zay."

Sheliza Karmali, Brampton, Ontario

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