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Family Mediation

Mediation helps individuals engage in a collaborative process towards mutually beneficial resolutions, far from the confrontational dynamics often associated with traditional legal proceedings. Rather than engaging in conflict, mediation encourages an atmosphere of cooperation and compromise.  Statistics demonstrate the benefits of mediation, with over 80% of cases reaching agreements that are consistently upheld.

Beyond resolving immediate disputes, mediation serves as a proactive measure against future disagreements by improving communication channels between parties. Extensive research highlights its profound positive impact on children, as minimized conflict levels during separations significantly contribute to their emotional well-being. Effective communication also proves advantageous for co-parenting arrangements post mediation, resulting in a smoother transition for the entire family.


During our mediation sessions, we address a range of crucial components to  ensure a smooth transition. From parenting arrangements and financial matters to property division and future communication strategies, every detail is carefully discussed and negotiated. Particularly in cases of higher conflict, having a meticulously detailed separation agreement becomes paramount. This comprehensive document serves as a roadmap, outlining rights, responsibilities, and expectations for both parties, providing clarity and certainty. By crafting a thorough agreement tailored to your unique circumstances, we aim to minimize future conflicts and pave the way for a more peaceful and sustainable co-parenting relationship.


Your peace of mind and the well-being of your family are our top priorities.

Schedule a free introductory session to learn more about how the mediation process can help you finalize your separation, while saving you a tremendous amount of money, time and stress.

Parenting Plans

Communication Guidelines

Equalization of Family Property

 Decision Making Responsibility

Future Dispute Resolution 

Child and Spousal Support Calculations

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